Idesta Foodtech – Commercial kitchen equipment that makes the work easier and the food tastier

Since 1929 Idesta has been associated with quality and innovation. Function and quality are always guiding stars in our product development work. When we say “function”, we mean easy handling and a long service life, but also properties that ensure that food is prepared, kept warm and displayed in the best way possible. You should have the best products that make your work of preparing and serving good food as easy as possible.

Ever since we began, we have focused primarily on stainless equipment. Over the years the range has successively been expanded with new quality products from companies under our ownership, as well as companies for which we serve as agents.

This means that we can offer one of Scandinavia’s largest ranges in commercial kitchen equipment.
We also serve as advisors and experts to consultants and kitchen managers when delivering entire kitchens, where our specialist knowledge contributes to creating well-functioning and rational kitchens.

Personal service

With our extensive history, we know that shortcuts in terms of material selection, quality control or delivery reliability often backfire many times over. We take responsibility for the products we sell and the relationships we establish. However, should anything go wrong, we are always there to resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible. You can be safe in the knowledge that we have existed for more than 90 years, always striving to make your job in the kitchen easier and safer. And not least to give you the best conditions to serve well-made and tasty food to your guests.

*All sales take place through leading retailers in Scandinavia


IDESTA manufactures commercial kitchen equipment under the brands IDESTA, SDX, ICETAINER and AMSTA.


Among our references are both groups with companies across large parts of the world, as well as smaller restaurants and commercial kitchens. Regardless of size, we are happy to be able to share references of those who have worked with our products for decades and who always return when it’s time for additions, replacing the entire kitchen, or renewing individual products.